Luchtsingel Rotterdam, in one step below!

Luchtbrug Rotterdam, in one step below!Repairs in progress. The wood is gone so new planks for safety!
The steps are missing but the view is still there!

One of my favorite photospots is in bad condition, the Luchtsingel. Made of wood the weather and use has made it unsafe in some places for use. But the repairs are in progress. The wood is gone but the view is still there!

Luchtsingel, Schiekadeblok >>

February 1st, 2023, theme day “Virtue”

Candles for man and woman

Technically its not Rotterdam but a picture that I took when this (me) Rotterdammer stayed for a few days in the province of Limburg. There I visited the city of Maastricht. When walking I passed the Chapel of the Star of the Sea in the Basilica of Our Lady in Maastricht and inside I took this picture. I liked the light of the candles and the serene atmosphere. The place where you feel peace is always your home, Rotterdam or Maastricht…

I took this picture with a Praktica filmcamera, its a bit grainy because of the low light