Ballerina balance

Rotterdam Daily Photo: Ballerina balance
Rotterdam Daily Photo: Ballerina balance

Another photo opportunity! Shopping for presents I walked by this small bronze statue “Evenwichtje” or “Balance” located at the Korte Hoogstraat. Made by artist Evert den Hartog in 1987. Remind me of the Little Dancer sculpture made by the famous artist Degas!  And this is also the link with the coming weekend, what is more beautiful than a few days off? Enjoy yours!

About the artwork
Evert den Hartog is known for his lightly styled bronze human figures. He is inspired for his sculptures by animals, but also by his daughter, who does ballet. Den Hartog made a number of ballerinas, which have found a place in Rotterdam. This girl is related to the dancing ballerinas, because she also manages to keep her balance. The statue was refurbished in 1990 and placed again at Korte Hoogstraat on the initiative of the retailers’ association. Together with the “Reading Girl” and the “Playing Beertjes”, this work is part of a series of very popular bronze statues in the shopping area of ​​Rotterdam.

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