Gravity is overrated

Rotterdam Daily Photo: Gravity is overrated
Rotterdam Daily Photo: Gravity is overrated

There is a large wall at the starting point of the Hofbogen, near Hofplein Station. OPPERCLAES, a platform for young contemporary artists, selects an artist a few times a year to show work on this wall. “Gravity is overrated”. A work of art with a message. The designers Hans, Vincent and Guido are members of the artists’ collective High on Type.

Derek Otte on the wall
City poet Derek Otte, poet from Rotterdam, wrote a poem especially for this artwork at this location. The ten lines are scattered throughout the work (translated from Dutch to English).

things keep weighing
weigh things all the time
sit still = a curse
standing still often a blessing

it happens around us
minuses and pluses
everything in between
we give the weight
who lifts his / her darkness
it carries a stronger light

Source: de Hofbogen

Author: Richard

Born in Rotterdam, Kralingen. Living there now for more then 59 years. Working in public transport so I enjoy the city everyday...

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