February 1st, 2020, theme day “Streetscape”

Rotterdam Daily Photo: February 1st, 2020, theme day “Streetscape”
Rotterdam Daily Photo: February 1st, 2020, theme day “Streetscape”

Yeah! today is February 1st and it’s a theme day! Today’s theme is… Streetscapes! I’ve chosen the Waterplein (or Water squere). The second water square in the world has been realized on the Benthemplein in Rotterdam. It took almost seven years to develop the water square idea into the final design. The Rotterdam water square is located between the three buildings of the Technikon complex which houses, among other things, the Zadkine College, the Grafisch Lyceum and the Hofpleintheater.

How it works: The design consists of three basins that collect rainwater: two shallow basins get the water when it rains from the immediate area, a deeper basin only gets water if it keeps raining consistently. The water runs through large shiny gutters across the square to two shallow basins where it collects. The areas that can overflow are painted in the blue colors. In the event of drought, the basins can be used as a sports field or theater and due to the differences in height, they offer plenty of room to sit. Benthemplein has green areas with grasses, flowers and trees. Here another view >>

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