ZOHO, urban landscape

Rotterdam Daily Photo: ZOHO, urban landscape
Rotterdam Daily Photo: ZOHO, urban landscape

I promised to show the urban landscape in that neighborhood and here it is. This part of the neighborhood doubles as a rainreservoir, it collect rainwater.

The tech behind the ZOHO logo:
The ZOHO Rain Letters placed in the garden contribute to the solution for flooding. The ZOHO Rain Letters, designed and developed by Studio Bas Sala, are rainwater buffer and area icon in one. The rainwater is directed to the ZOHO Regenletters (rain letters) and therefore does not enter the sewer. A built-in ‘smart’ solar-powered system monitors the weather forecast via the internet. When a heavy shower approaches, the system releases the water and creates buffer space for the coming rain shower. During long periods of drought, the water is retained properly to provide the surrounding greenery with water. Smart!!

Source: Hofbogen.nl

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