Not far from his home

I took this photo not far from where he was born, reading his book, executed in bronze, Erasmus. The oldest statue in the Netherlands was on the Grotemarkt before 1940. Unscathed from the bombing and hidden until May 1945, its then was placed on the Coolsingel. When the metro was built in 1963, it was relocated to the Grotekerkplein. The Erasmus statue is in a straight line to his birth house.


    1. In Brooklyn on the square of the Erasmus Hall High School is a life-size copy of this statue by Simon Miedema.
    2. “For a few centuries it is actually the only public statue in the Netherlands that has not belonged to a warrior, prince or statesman, nor to a poet, but to a scholar, one who still had quite neglected that homeland.” Quote by Johan Huizinga, Dutch Historian

Just a street in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Daily Photo: Just a street in Rotterdam
Rotterdam Daily Photo: Just a street in Rotterdam

Not much to say about this picture. I liked the view of the old houses with at the end the new buildings and the blue sky… Its the Jacobusstraat, a side street of the Oude Binnenweg, a nice old shopping street in the city center.

The Binnenweg already existed in 1454 and was the connection between Rotterdam and Schoonderloo and Delfshaven. The Oude Binnenweg between the Karel Doormanstraat and the Mauritsweg was hardly affected by the bombing of Rotterdam and is the only pre-war shopping street in the center of Rotterdam.