A graphic wall

Rotterdam Daily Photo: A graphic wall
Rotterdam Daily Photo: A graphic wall

Every time I pass this mural at metro station Stadhuis I want to take a picture of it, and that’s why you see the picture here! On the side of the Town Hall Square, a “graphic wall” has been placed between the staircase parties, designed by artist Bouke Ylstra. In concrete panels polished by the artist with his own hand, smoothly painted lines are filled with a deep black paint. They form two configurations that resemble shapes. The artwork was commissioned in December 1965.

Stadhuis metro station also had a number of shelters, to use during the Cold War, when danger threatened. Many of the shelters have been demolished, only the corridor from the Town Hall to the metro station is still there. This corridor made it easier for the city council to go to the shelters, without having to walk the streets.

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